Saturday, April 17, 2010

Live a Sustainable Life! The 7 R's of Sustainable Living.


Think about the choices you are making.  If you don't have to use/buy a product then don't!

Do you need the paper towel? NO! Refuse it and use the air dryer instead!


If you still need certain items at least reduce the quantity you are purchasing!

Don't be like Sasha. Reduce and buy only what you need!


Protect your belongs so you don't have to get rid of them when they break or get damaged. Cover your books! Service your things before they break down! 


If your things do break don't throw them away immediately do a little repair action!

The Ranger's friend Drew knows how to repair a pair of jeans! Sew on a patch and you can be making a fashion statement!


When possible reuse your things instead of disposing of them.

Reuse your plastic water bottles!

Or better yet...
Get creative! Here someone has reused a cereal box to make a magazine holder!


If you've been reading our blog you know one thing you can do to make the world a better place... RECYCLE! 


Redesign your way of living. Ask yourself what you can do to reduce the amount of waste you produce.  See what changes you can make in your life to stop using plastic and save the world!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Green Building

No. The building is not literally green.

We are referring to Saujana, a student hostel in Universiti Sains Malaysia. The hostel has shown impressive efforts to go green. So, what's a Recycling Ranger ought to do? Take pictures and show them to the world!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Penang's Recycling Problems and its Hazy Solutions

Hello again!

Recently we have been looking into newspaper articles to see if they could shed some light on Penang's recycling initiative.  Although low in numbers we found some that shed light on the situation.  One article from The Star discussed Penang's hope to initiate a vigorous green agenda this year and achieve higher recycling rates.  Although the highest in the country currently Penang stands with a dismal 15% recycling rate.  Internationally the average rate is between 35% and 40%.  The article did not divulge what this increased action may be but hopefully they can raise those rates!

In a report put out by United Nations Development Program they evaluate the current recycling practices in Penang.  In order for Penang to become a better recycling community they are some problems that must be addressed and they are...

- Land availability.  There is extremely limited space on the island for waste disposal. The state has become increasingly more interested in building a waste incinerator on the island.

- Community Recycling. The amount of recycling across the island varies and depends entirely on people's voluntary actions for recycling programs.  This means the work and activities fluctuate often.

- No structural financial support.  Revenues from recycling most often go to charity after they have paid for operations.

- Uncertainty of privatization.  The waste management is privatized and although holds much potential there is very little structure has it is going through the modernization process.

Its good to hear that Penang's government and other institutions are working towards a greener future but how about some recycling bins?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

YES we can!

The Youth Eenrgy Squad of Universiti Sains Malaysia has made a survey as regards to how we use energy.
how wnergy efficient are we, USM students?

For more information email them at yesinusm@gmail .com or contact Gene-Harn @0173528954.

To take part in the survey, click on this link . Be counted!

what YOU can do!

Looking back at our blog the Recycling Rangers have noticed a common trend. Negativity. We haven't really been impressed with any initiatives we've seen throughout Penang, Malaysia, and neighboring countries.  So rather than been negative nancys the Rangers are going to tell you how you can recycle in Penang and make a difference.

Check out them Rangers. So serious about changing the world. If you don't want to mess with this...RECYCLE! 

1. Refer to our early post about what is recyclable and how to organize these items and sort as directed!

2. Gather you neighbors and encourage them to make a difference too! Whether you live in an apartment or neighborhood asks neighbors to gather their recycling products the same way you did! The upside of have a community initiative is that it is easier for you to have your recycling collected because you can...

3.  Contact recycling contractors to come pick up your items!

To make this even easier for you the Rangers have found a list of contractors around Penang. So who ya gonna call? RECYCLING CONTRACTORS!

O.K. Scrap Trading
012 433 0632 (Olwin Keh)
04 - 829 9632
Ee Sheng Huat Sdn. Bhd.
04 - 626 5232
Fax 04 - 626 2501
Eden Handicap Service Centre Bhd.
016 - 480 8818 (Peggy)
04 - 644 2912
Fax 04 - 228 2834
Zurich Chong
013 -484 0138
Home Initial Recycling Services (based in KL)
Kulim Fo En Recycling Bhd
No. 74, Lorong Semarak 3, Taman Semarak, 09000 Kulim, Kedah.
Tel: 04 491 8019 Contact person: Cordelia (013 430 5667) or Mr Hoo (016 444 4138)
Wearable Old Clothes
Tacco Venture Contact person: Damien Lim (019 442 0808 or 017 495 6493)
E- Waste
Donnell Tan (016 4142 423)
4. If you find yourself with unwilling neighbors we suggest you move... who wants un-environmentally friendly neighbors anyway? Not the Rangers!
However, if this is not an option you can take your recyclables to a number of recycling centers:
Malaysian Nature Society
673-B, Jalan Kebun Bungah, 10350 Penang.
Contact: Mr Kanda (04 227 3673 or 013 453 7992)
Friends of the Botanical Garden
673-A, Jalan Kebun Bungah, 10350 Penang.
Tel: 04 227 9915
The Enlightenment Home Assoc. Penang
16, Jalan Bawasah, 10050 Penang
Contact: Miss Linda Moo ( 019 510 6066) or Mr Mok (016 495 9886)
5. Sit back, relax, and know that you are changing the world. One plastic bottle at a time...

And on an ending note. One more time...REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE!

Trip to see green soaps

Should we really start going organic? What are the benefits of using organic products?

These questions will be answered on April 9, 2010.

Details? See below:

Green Trip: Organic Soap Manufacturing Process at Lahat

Date: 9th April 2010 (Friday)

Time: 6.30am-5.00pm

Venue: Might Environmental Product Sdn Bhd, Lahat, Perak

Gather at Padang Kawad PALAPES at 6.30am

Please register yourself as the details below:

1. Name

2. IC no.

3. HP no.

4. Email

via or call/sms 014-9054719

What are you waiting for? There are still 20 seats available~~

credits to: kampus sejahtera for details

Queensbay recycling?

The past weeks the Recycling Rangers have been trying to contact different establishments around Penang to see whether they have been providing the resources for customers to recycle their trash or practicing other sorts of recycling activities.  So far the responses haven't been promising and by responses we mean lack thereof.  The only facility that would respond to our questions was Queensbay Mall however, they ignored our question about providing recycling facilities and instead focused on a new KDU college "Go Eco Not Ego" shopping bag design competition (which Queensbay has a partnership with).  This competition was inspired by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s initial launch of the “No Plastic Mondays” Campaign and asks for applicants to design a new eco-friendly bag that will hopefully provide inspiration for the reduction in use of plastic bags.  The bags submitted will be auctioned off with proceeds going to charity.  


Although this is a good starting effort it has little effect in directly reducing the number of plastic bags used. However, what it does do is bring awareness to the importance of recycling and hopefully encourage the public to think twice about using plastic bags when there is a much more sustainable option! And for that we cannot complain!

As for recycling in Queensbay the lack of acknowledgement does not gives us much hope about their recycling practices. We have never noticed bins for recycling in stores or throughout the mall but we hope this will change soon as more awareness is brought up about the issue!